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Originally Posted by Ninja View Post
i test drove the Xdrive30d and xdrive35d back to back recently...only noticed a slight improvement on power, more so on the initial startup...once you've got the car running on 2nd/3rd gear, its about the same.

i have yet to drive the new xdrive40d and LCI xdrive30d though.

anyone able to share their experience?

Fraser, you are an expert on X5!
I've had a really good back to back drive of the pre-LCI 30d and the 35d. As you say the 35d is a little stronger off idle but it also has more high-rpm power that you notice when overtaking at highway speeds at full throttle. The 35d also likes to rev a bit more and continues to make good power after the 30d is tapering off. You really only notice this when you have both tapped out on the open road. The 30d is still a great engine but the 35d is better again. Whether it's worth the extra money is still debatable and with the new LCI is only an academic argument unless you are buying second-hand although I guess there may be a few new pre-LCI models still at dealers.
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