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Many thanks to Weasel for the method above, I just noticed my boat was ripped this week when doing an oil change, since I wasnt hearing any noise I assumed I caught it early so I ordered a new boot kit form Bav auto, it arrived in 2 days, I used the method Weasel describes above of just unbolting the lower control arm, removing the caliper, rotor etc. After some cursing and moaning I was able to release the shaft form the joint with vise grips and my jack handle using the slam/prying method, cleaned out the old grase, put new, lined up the shaft and new clip, gve it a little shoved and it popped back together. I also use marine 304 stainless compression clamps rather then the standard ones which require a special pair of plyers. Took her for a ride last night, no noise, no vibrations. Hoping I didnt get any dirt/particles in the grease and this is a long term repair, we shall see.
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