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Took a 50i out for spin today ...

I gave my 2010 35d a good workout before arriving at dealership to test drive a new 50i. Background - When I bought 35d over 9 months ago I didnt stump up the cash for a few things that I really would like now e.g. Comfort Access/Seats, HUD, decent stereo, aircon vents in the back, 20in rims, beige interior (have black), and ideally adaptive drive ...

anyway ..if I'm going to drive an X5 for next few years then thought I might take a serious look at 50i to see if the swap-over would be worth it.... quick answer Why?

- The 50i will be around $155k on road with the fruit that's about $50k more than what I got my 2010 35d innovations for (lots of haggle) ... so is there $50k of extra value ...nup.

The V8 sounds great on startup, quieter than 35d which has a 'sophisticated' diesel 'rattle' ... steering lightness of new LCI model is immediately noted as I pull out of the yard.

On pressing accelerator with a little force I noticed a slight lag before TT kicked in and started moving me off ... "torque feels a bit low?" was my first thought.

First set of lights down the road I decided to wait for red light to test a launch. Checked for kids/cops/dogs/grannies/try-hard P Platers etc ..path was clear so launched hard ... what i noticed was the low torque pull until the revs kicked up mid/high ..and then it really went off like a rocket ... fast but it felt like a two-stroke engine where you had to wring its neck a bit to get the most ... was pretty loud in the high revs also ... which drew a lot of attention from the dog-walkers ... 8 speed changes were also obvious when powering on ...

so overall the TT V8 is not for me .. it just felt like a sports-car engine in a big SUV ... and that's what I felt about the 4.8i when I went for a drive before deciding on 35d.

each to there own and I'm sure majority of 50i owners are happy ..but after the 35d's performance I think the 50k premium and corresponding drive experience is not worth it ....

now time to look at 40d ... that could be a better option in terms of what I'm looking for ...
2010 35d Innovations
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