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Originally Posted by wslee View Post
I have try to call the CEO, but the telephonist never want to tranfer me to. I fail to convince her to let me talk to the CEO or any others manager, they said they only able to transfer my line back to the dodgy customer care. i gave up finally.
the car is not lemon to me, other than the poor build quality and lack of quality control, and un-proffesional after sales service, the mechanical is fantastic and the design is good. i like to drive it except all those annoying rattle noise came from the door, the aircon vent in centre console and cargo cover, i can said it is a good designed car but poorly build. This is not happen to my previous 3 bimmers
To me "poor build quality and lack of quality control" means lemon. It's not a design thing just the characteristics of an individual example like yours which doesn't sound good to me. The build quality on the vast majority of X5s appears to be fine but the odd one isn't good.

Hopefully the dealer will get it sorted but if the problems persist you need to write to the CEO via good old snail mail. They will never let you talk to him. Good luck with it.
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