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Best way to fix a scratch on our black trim?

What do you guys do for your black trim scratches, assuming you've had them??
I just received a pretty decent scratch on my front left bumper trim from a clueless truck driver who pulled out of Quik-Check with a big-ass trailer in tow.

Anyway, I am sure a lot of you can relate: It's one of those things where it's just NOT substantial enough to leave it in a body shop and pay $500 to get the trim replaced. On the other hand it IS substantial enough to give me a pit in my stomach every time I look at it. Essentially it's just a straight 4-inch long scratch across the black trim. No other deformations, I was very lucky.
My understanding is that Black Wow adds gloss, but it does not actually fix scratches?

What about "Forever Black Bumper & Trim Dye Kit"? It got pretty good reviews on Amazon.
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