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Originally Posted by Boston X5 4.4 View Post
Why would you go for diesel? Just curious...

A while ago my wife and I were discussing that someday it might be good to get a car that has great mileage. Neither one of us are fans of hybrids. We have become spoiled by owning BMWs and other very cool cars so giving up some of the dynamics, quickness, handling, interior quality etc. isn't very appealing. So, thinking of hi-line cars that have great mileage there are not a huge number to choose from. I'm a fan of diesels in certain applications but have never owned one.

Doing a quick survey of what is out there I started to review/investigate the BMW 335d. Very good mileage numbers, it's a BMW with all the things we have become accustomed to and it looks great with the right sport options and wheels.

I wouldn't be able to say an economy car as when optioned the way I like it is over 50k but it isn't like any other vehicle with 26/36 mpg out there that I've seen in my quicky survey. With the inherent push of the diesel torque way down in the rpm range it would be a very easy vehicle to get used to. Not in place of other sports cars we have but an excellent addition.
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