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Yeah but the mileage the 335d gets is better than what a lot of people are getting in comparable vehicles. Additionally i believe some folks were considering the 335d because it still has enough guts to make them feel good about driving it. For me at least a 2 litre four cylinder would not be my choice. Great mileage isn't everything.

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Only problem with that plan is that the 335d doesn't have great mileage. If we want to get serious about a good handling 3 series BMW, with great mileage, then we should demand that BMW bring the 320d Efficient Dynamics model to North America. Using comparative figures from the Euro models, it gets 63% better fuel economy than the 335d on the combined cycle fuel consumption tests. In Europe, you can get all the options and features you want on the smaller-engined models, unlike here. The 2 litre four cylinder is also much lighter, so handling will be improved. BMW has said they will bring four cylinder diesels to North America, so this plus the new X1/X3 with the same 2.0d engine are a possibility.
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