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I feel the posters pain and think BMW should have helped him out some how. The transmission should last more than 48,000 miles. BMW did make money on all the parts and cars he has bought . It is funny how some say he should have bought it from the dealer and had it serviced from the dealer and then tell him to go to an INDY to get it repaired because it is cheeper WHAT!!!

I don't really blame him for doing his own maintenance either after I get my X back from the dealer it has grease on the seats, steering wheel and broken clips on the covers under the hood even left over rags under the hood. It does not make you feel very good about the work they are doing.

To the poster I would just calm down a little and when you get over your anger I would make a list of options and follow the best one. Making an important decision when we are mad never seems to be the best. Writing a letter to BMW stating the facts and your BMW history and asking for help might help but giving threats won't.
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