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reply to reply to the reply to the reply lol

Diennard that is what I was thinking in regards to creating more of a win win win. And heck I wouldn't expect them to eat the entire cost but they weren't even considering any portion or assistance at all. Damn economy, its even making the large and very profitable companies like BMW get stingy! I just don't think they are at all thinking about "long term" affects of this situation and I'm just one person right? How very funny, I'm their target customer-mid thirties, college graduate, financially secure and so far successful lol, yet I've been supporting their brand for so many years in an area of the US where the Dodge, Chevy, Ford trucks are apparently gods. I have supported the BMW brand and gotten so much crap for so long for it. Anywho I'm rambling, this definitely is a lose lose situation. BMW loses a long time loyal customer, my friends, family members, and aquaintences, and I lose a lot more money in this vehicle, and my interest in ever owning another BMW again. These will be being sold. I believe very strongly in customer service, even when sometimes a product costs a little more, if a brand provides better customer service than another with a similar but cheaper product, I will and would choose the better customer service providing brand.

Naz thanks for the tip also about my front headlights, I've actually used that 3M kit on my 540i headlights and I can agree that it works great! The picture was taken using my blackberry so its not the best quality, the X headlights are actually clear and gorgeous, in fact they make me drool when I see the X with the angel eyes and HID's on!

Thanks again X fans
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