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I had the Damaris installed at 37k miles. With roughly 53k on the clock, I needed new tires, which I was not pleased about. I did a little reading and opted to go with the Michelin Latitudes. They are fantastic. The X5 currently has 84k on and it the tires still look new. Plenty of thread remaining and are fantastic in the now or slipper road conditions.

I was caught in NH during a 5" snow storm, the car had the Damaris on them and I felt very sketched. The X5 was definitely all very the place. The latitudes are leaps and bounds better in the snow. I have never felt uneasy in the snow or icy road conditions since I installed them and they still handle remarkably on a dry surface.

Transitioning from the Damaris to the Latitude was a great choice and I don't feel I lost any turning, safety or braking performance at all.

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Ive got the toyos up front and sessanta's in the rear. Some have said the sessanta's dont last very long but i think that verdict is still out based on the fact they are cheaper also. I havent had mine very long but the tires were almost new when i bought the car so i cant really speak for longevity but ive always had good luck with any toyo tires. The toyos are a little noisey but the car being all wheel drive the combination of proxxes up front and the sessantas in back ive already had pretty good luck with this combo on snow and ice if that helps. The tires overall now matter what tread pattern wont be ideal because they are so wide. Its kinda like having traction up front and race in the back with this combo. But if you know how to drive in those conditions you shouldnt have much of an issue. IMHO. When its time for me to get new tires I will probably get either the all bridgestone setup or toyo all the way around, whichever i can get a better deal on. FWIW
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