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Ok, so wanted to give an update. Thus far from September 2010 to January 5th: I have had great heating function and no codes or leakage anywhere. The only thing i have a problem with is that the control panel if set on like 72 or hight the temperature if measured from the vents are blowing around 140F. Now i was wondering if anyone that doesnt have a problem with their valves can take a measurement with the heater on at like 70 80 then 90 on the control panel and the actual temp form the vents. My next tackle will be the expansion valve thats buried in the dash. I still have issues with AC system even after new high pressure sensor, new aux fan,...only then left thats cheap is expansion valve then worst case compressor.

anyway ill take the valve apart agian soon to see the rubber seal conditon and will post pics this time.
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