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Air suspension - Manual pump up

Ok Gang

I posted trying to figure out how to manually pump up my rear air suspension but did not get an answer. So...... I went out in the garage and figured it out myself.
I am posting this for others if they have the same problem as me.


My 2002 X5 was sagging in the rear end and suspension was rough and bouncie. I noticed that the rear of the X5 was low. I checked all my fuses and went out and bought a new relay. I could hear the new relay click when I inserted it thinking the relay was gone. I turned the X on thinking I would hear the compressor turn on but NO?????.
I do not have an error message on my dash either.

I wanted to see if the compressor it self still worked so I jumped the relay and pumped up the rear of the X manually. Jumped relay and the compressor turned on and pumped up the rear of the X. I checked to see if I had a leak in the rear air springs and all the tubing. NO air escaping.
I think it must be my sensors in the rear but still checking that.

Quick fix

Here is how you pump up the system manually by jumping the relay.

1. Take the rear floor cover out and remove the spare tire.
2. Unbolt the air compressor housing
3. Turn it over and you will see the orange colour relay.
4. There are two red wires that go into the bottom of the relay housing (One is red with a white tracer and the other is red with a yellow tracer) see picture.
5. Remover the relay and locate the positions of the two above mentioned wires. (I marked mine with red paint)
6. Use a stiff copper wire ( I used a piece of stiff copper wire) and insert the copper wire into the two located terminal sockets and the air compressor will come on. ( Have the key in the "ON" position.
7. Pump up to the desired ride height. (I only left my wire in for 30 second intervals to avoid overheating the wire or the compressor)

Hope this helps everyone.

****Remember this is a quick fix until you find out the real issue so you can still drive the X with a comfortable ride.
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