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Originally Posted by MINIz guy View Post
I like that. Everything done is pretty subtle but comes together nicely!
Thanks! It's still has to be a functional grocery-getter/soccermom-mobile so I didnt' want t go to hard on the mods...

Originally Posted by J.Belknap View Post
I'm not one for smoked taillights personally, but they compliment your X5 really well!
Thanks to you too...I know the blacked-out lighting was in back in the 90s but I actually still dont mind them if they're not totally black...

Originally Posted by SkiLLeT_x5 View Post
Are those replacement tail lights, tinted with film or covers? I think will go real well with my black X. Also want to black out my hood grilles and vents...
They ebay LED tails tinted with light-tint 3M by a friend of mine. Yes the light stuff will look good on black for sure...
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