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it's not an individual or priority 1 option in the US so it had to be a Canadian car. You might want to run the VIN because if it is, you cannot CPO it and you might want to ask Jeff and other canadians (JCL) the stipulation on the warranty in the US on canadian cars.

Originally Posted by jeep View Post
Thanks folks, looks like there are mixed opinions

Naz looks like we share our Alma Mater.

SANguru, this 335 did have the HUD, I saw when I hit 60 right on the windshield, very interesting that you mention it is not available because I couldn't find it on BMW's website as well.

The BMW dealer was supposed to get back to me with the details on the extended warranty, strangely he mentioned that BMW does not allow them to give extended warranty on CPO cars, so they will have to take it off CPO and offer me the warranty, which is really strange indeed.

Now when I drove the car at the non BMW, I felt some buffeting in my ear, which the guy told me is natural for a vert as it has more noise, but I am a little apprehensive that the roof hopefully has no issues. What is the experience of folks with a vert?
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