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Hi toadhall,

I do have a paypal account and I can send you the chip if neccesary. But you should check out the stores in your area first - maybe youre lucky

Thats the german site I was mentioning - just click on the US flag on the upper right corner Maybe they can ship it to you directly. They do accept payment via paypal.

Ive just made couple of phone calls. One local store has a programmer that would work but they dont have the adapter for the SOP44. Too bad - would have saved me time and money. Because - it is not neccesary to replace the chip. If you have the right programmer you can backup the content of your flash eprom. In case the update doesnt work you can delete it and write the old one back on.

Ive also talked to a guy from Accordings to him the "am29f400bb" should be compatible. I think thats the place where Im going to order from.

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