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In circuit programming of flash memory (29f400) is possible, you don't have to de-solder it. It can be made through red diag connector on main pcb.

Here's some info:

HSE-Electronics the competence in embedded systems, C166- and CAN-Application.

C161CS, C161JC, C161JI - Infineon Technologies

BM54 is I nfineon c16x based which supports bootstrap loader on serial interface. Just need a rs-232 to TTL converter (eg. max232) and connect to your PC. USB to serial converter can be used where hardware com port is not available. Bootstrap is hardcoded you cannot alter bootstrap code by misuse or software mistake.

There are some considerations.

There are many HW/SW versions of BM54. Basically all can be upgraded to the latest version software but only some just on diag connector.

Besides main OS on 29f400 there's still DSP memory (the PLCC packaged chip near OASIS DSP) and an i2c eeprom memory (at24c64). IF the module build date is < 2002 then the DSP memory and i2c eeprom must be programmed also. (best to check...if it's labeled SA35 it must be upgraded and if it's SA35 FTW it contains lastest DSP software)

DSP memory is OTP device and must be replaced by a new IC. Good thing is that the DSP memory is on socket and can easily be programmed in a programmer. No soldering needed here.
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