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Originally Posted by silyb0y View Post
Hi Cream,

thanks for the info. According to what you say I could have simply used my cellphone serial cabel to reprogram the flash eprom (I used it to flash my router once)? Ouch... if I had known Ive ordered the new flash eprom already...

Have you reprogramed your flash eprom via diag connector? Maybe you can give a more detailed discription...


If your cable is a pure level translator (RS232-TTL) it should work. Besides GND, RX, TX you will need another serial line (DTR) to drive P04l (BSL) or alternatively you can do it manually. Just pull down p04l(BSL) to ground through a 8.2k resistor. Best to check in C161 datasheet for resistor value my memory could fail me.

I've programmed many units with infineon C16x/ St ST10 series inlcuding BM54 radios.

All information needed is on the net, just have to put the pieces toghether

As I said earlier, a good utility is "Flashit", check for more info.

Dump of 29f400 flash IC.
Dump memory for CARAUDIO BECKER BM54, SV-17-05 43, SAF-C161, 29F400

I've attached some pictures with connector description and some info on various stages in bm54.

And manual for Flashit.
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