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How do you guys keep your cars smelling good?

I'm a big fan of that new leather smell. My car hasn't had any air fresheners or anything like that in it for a few years now, and since it was neglected a bit (interior was never really cleaned until recently and leather was only cleaned and conditioned a few days ago) it really doesn't smell that great anymore lol.

I've ordered some zymol cleaner and conditioner and will apply that in maybe a month or so since I just conditioned the leather, and I've also got Griot's interior care spray which I've heard really good things about. I'm hoping after I condition and clean the care properly with the griot's and zymol, I'll get that new smell back and hopefully won't need any air fresheners.

My question to you guys:
Who uses air fresheners?
Or do you just skip out on the air fresheners and let the leather conditioner work its magic (assuming you like the scent of your conditioner)?
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