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Retrofit of LED 3rd Brake Light in BMW X5

Contributed by: SilverBullet®

Written by

Pretty simple install should take no more
than 15 min tops. The pics are resized and smaller for viewing convenience.

You have to remove the rear spoiler to get access to the brake light.

To do this you will have to remove (5) T25 Torx screws, located on the upper
hatch door, on the sides and middle.

You will see 3 torx screws right off the bat. The last two are hidden under the
rubber grommets. Poop them out and take out the remaining 2. The screws are
torqued pretty tight because they were installed with red-thread locking
compound. Once you remove the screws just pull the spoiler towards you, be
careful as you don't want to scratch the paint and there are antenna wires up
there. The brake light is held in place by two Phillips screws and harness.

Make sure to keep the white plastic clip from the old brake light to reinstall.
Put everything back in reverse. That's all folks. Oh the Lens is white with red

Part #63-25-6-923-970 $49.32 from Pacific BMW. Edward was very helpful as he
said the order was on back-order from Germany and did not have a release date at
the time of purchase, but got it to me in 2 weeks. Very good service.

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