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Differences between 2001-03 and 2004> 3.0 Diesel

Contributed by: powers1

This a list of all Engine Mechanical data I could find:-

-Larger engine.2993 c.c(2926)

-Second generation Common Rail system with much higher injection pressure 1600 bar (1350) and volume control.

-Fuel is now injected at up to 4 four times per cycle in dual pilot phase through micro-blind hole injection jets with optimised nozzles for enhanced combustion for even cleaner emissions.

-Modified geometry of the swirl and the tangential intake ducts.

-New combustion chamber geometry with wide and flat piston crown.

-Lower compression ratio

-Turbo response much improved with changes in geometry of the turbine blades and introducing a new very strong material.

-More efficient intercooler

-Automatic engine start up function at the touch of a button without pre-heating.

-DDE5 Electronics software adapted to new engine and computer capacity increased by a factor of ten,featuring 32-bit technology,1.5mb memory and cycle operation of 40 mhz.

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