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Exclamation MK4 MKIV Navigation Head Unit Malfunction

Well guys... this seems like a new one, but please let me know whatever ideas you may have about getting this resolved.

While I was driving, my navigation head unit started to open and close on its own and would not stop. To clarify, by opening and closing I mean when the LCD face of the unit turns to allow you to put a cassette inside. I tried everything... I turned the car on and off, pressed buttons, even banged on the thing a little but it is just stuck in a loop and keeps opening and closing the lid.

During this process, I was worried that the monitor would burn since with ever open/close action, the LCD would turn on and off. It did this for about 15 minutes until I received an error on the screen that said monitor temperature too hight and shutting down. It would not allow me to go in the menu and turn off the monitor since every time I would click to turn off the monitor, it would not respond. I finally exited the freeway and pulled out the fuse for the radio. This was the only thing that stopped the open / close loop.

I just got the darn thing out of the shop with a 2K repair bill for the water pump and cooling system, so I'm dreading the thought of having to flip another repair bill, but I guess that's the price we pay for one of these babies!

Has this happened to anyone else by chance? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!
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