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Zymol 507 cleaner and Zymol 509 Conditioner

Just used both zymol cleaner (507) and conditioner (509), and to be honest the cleaner didn't do much for me. My seats were relatively clean already though, I just used the cleaner before using the conditioner because that's what's recommended.

Anyways, the conditioner is not bad. It doesn't make your leather super shiny or wet looking, and its not all that greasy either. It just makes your leather look as if the car came fresh out of the factory: supple, nice matte finish, and nice feel.

Only warning though, the car smelled faintly of bananas right after I applied the stuff. Hopefully that scent will go away and I'll have a fresh leather scent, but in all honesty its not a bad scent. I'll update on the scent and finish tomorrow, these are just initial observations.
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