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Cam Sensor DIY Replacement

Contributed by: mixman812

Cam Sensor DIY Replacement

I wanted to give something back to x5 world for all the help you guys have given over the years. I hope this post clears up any problems that anyone might have with their cam sensors tripping error codes. On a scale of 1-10 for a diy'er like me i would say this is about a 5. Ok here it goes....this is for the 3.0 six engine........

tools needed:

torx 5mm

in the first pic you will see the locations of both cam sensors. i only had to change the exhaust sensor but the other one is just as easy.

1. remove the air intake on top of the fan/radiator shroud. locate sensor needed to be removed. feel around in front for the 5mm torx bolt. when located use your torx to remove the one bolt holding it on.

2. when removed you should see the cam sensor as in pic #2. simply or not so simply in my case seperate the plug and the sensor. in pic #3 the new sensor is on the left. make sure that when you replace the sensor you also replace the rubber washer around the sensor.

3. to install simply reverse the steps and bingo you are back in business.

my reason for doing this install was i was getting error code P2096 "Bank 1 system to lean post cataylist" on my code reader. after i replaced the o2 sensors AFTER the exhaust it was still tripping the code. so i narrowed it down to these little b***ards. if you do this repair yourself you will save upwards of $300.00 just in labor. good luck. btw not only does the truck not trip the code anymore it runs a hell of alot smoother!!!

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