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The 61-21-7-586-962 p/n is the correct OE replacement (sorry for my error in the original post, I've fixed it now). It retails for $199.99, so as expected, the dealer charged you over retail. It is an Exide standard battery (wet) and not an AGM battery. The 61-21-7-594-976 p/n however is a DEKA (East Penn Manufacturing) AGM battery and used in the E70 X5's. As of 1/2010 it is the stock battery for X5's. It will fit the E53 X5 if you want to use it. It retails for $269.00.

Originally Posted by Best4x4xFAR View Post
Wow! $118.75 to install the battery and test the electrical system? Gotta love dealers! As for the Battery, I wouldn't think its an Exide Global Extreme. It seems to be an additional part number for the replacement OEM spec battery, with 720 CCA, and a 90 Ah rating (roughly calculates to about 150 min RC) according to these specs...

Yup, I received one from my local dealer as well. They probably marked all their service/parts costs up 20% before they sent them out..

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