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Originally Posted by big bob View Post
5/4/2011 5:48:35 PM.947: TEL --> GT : Display Text: Layout=0x00: Flags=CLS F0="ACTIVATE PHONE"

This TCU should be in pairing mode now. Did it appear in a search from the phone?

Edit: some background.

1) Buried in the BMW documentation is says the X5 TCU won't pair unless the driver's seatbelt is fitted. While this is probably calculated form the VIN, your May 2006 TCU must have shipped in an X3 or X5 (or the last M3 that rolled off the line).

2) Some say the TCU is in pairing mode for the first 2 minutes without pressing the MFL buttons. You saw SEARCHING in that state and could not pair. Maybe finding a way to clear all paired phones is one way to progress.

OK, thanks for the help, its encouraging! The TCU came from a 330i convertible (from the vin number and the seller I got it from), I guess it could of had life before that.

It did not appear at all at the activate phone stage (or any stage), but its interesting to know its trying I am using an iPhone to test - I assume that its a reasonable phone to test with.

So, possibly some way to reset the TCU needed - could it possibly be locked into a particular phone - by a dealer? Is it possible that its not set in a general pairing mode, but rather in a one to one relationship with a specific phone?

Would any of the BMW tools, IPNA, Gt1, etc be able to reset? I would need to change the VIN number in it with NavCoder first I guess (I haven't touched anything to date)

Other options would be to .... Turn off Bluetooth and back on again? Change the Name of the Bluetooth host, change the pin number... Would any of these be likely to change the current defaults?

Much thanks for the help
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