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Whistle Thoughts from NC

It doesn't take me long to get a general sense of how things are like in a new place. Since moving to North Carolina, it's taken me all of about 3 weeks to notice the pros and cons of this state compared to Virginia.

  1. See? Higher petrol taxes means more funding for proper road building and maintenance. Good mark for NC there.
  2. Higher taxes means local and state police have better things than to drive around all day with their moving radar on, collecting road tax. I'm saying this despite living near/commuting past a speed trap.
  3. Raise the speed limit on more sections to 70mph. VA beats NC here.
  4. Stop the gov't handouts. Cut the welfare crap, trim education, stop trying to overfund everything. C'mon free basic healthcare for state employees after 5 years of work? I don't even think Virginia has that. No wonder VA has a budget surplus, and NC is deep in the hole in debt.
  5. Cut some of the taxes, shrink the government. I don't work yet but don't look forward to state taxes here. Again, may I suggest tips from Virginia or SC?
  6. Ditch the random, complex gun laws and restrictions.
That said, I'm not a registered voter here so it doesn't matter. I'll get off . Carry on.
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