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Hi Everyone,

I'm having similar problems with my climate control module, but it would only blow fuse# 48 when I have the a/c on and driving over 100km.

In my search I found the following TSB;

TSB: SI B 64 08 06
Fuse #48 IHKA
Released 31 May 2006

The fuse could be blowing due to a cut or chaffed wiring harness; shorting #48. Inspect the wiring beside the driver's knee area between the instrument panel and IHKA housing. Also, inspect the harness around the glove box (sharp edges), the water control valve, aux. water pump and between the fuse box and IHKA module. Make sure the connector isn't loose; leading to high resistance.

I had my water pump replaced at the dealer in February and I haven't needed to use the a/c until this week. So I have a feeling the problem lies in the harness around the water pump.

Thanks and good luck
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