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Originally Posted by Fraser View Post
The gearboxes are adaptive. Can take a while to 'forget' the previous owner. Mine did.
You can try this:
Ignition key to second position (just before start)
Put accelerator to the floor hard and hold for 25 seconds (motor is NOT running)
Release accelerator
Start car

But I have the useless GM 6 speeder - a reason to never buy BMW again that gear box - so may not affect the ZF unit that I think you guys have.

But will not hurt to try.

When my X3 learns itself to a point of stupidity e.g. revving the 30d out to 3500+ RPM in first gear on gentle takeoff, this fixes it. Will revert to learning mode and 1st gear change up at 1700 - 2000 as it should be.
X3 E83 2006 3.0d
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