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I've had excellent experience with Wayne's Towels over the past couple of years. Outstanding products, and excellent customer service.

I use the "Ultimate Plush Microfiber Towel" for removing Zaino (Z2Pro, Z6, and Z8); two of the "Waffle Weave Drying Towels" for drying -- extremely absorbent; the "Glass Cleaning Towels" for, uh, cleaning glass (I've had good results with Stoner's Invisible Glass); and I use the "Ultimate Plush Wash Mitt" for washing. I use some of Wayne's other microfiber towels for applying Spinneybeck to the seats (once or twice per year), and dressing the black bumpers and trim (usually with each hand wash or quick detail during the warmer months), using Griot's Vinyl & Rubber Dressing, or Mother's Back to Black.

Living in New England, I hear 'ya about trying to wash the X in the winter months. I'll wash and detail until it's too damn cold. I do a "complete" detail in the Spring and in the Fall. And I try to do a weekly hand wash and "quick" detail in the intervening months (Z7 wash, Z6, Z8, trim, glass, tires, wheels, chrome exhaust, vacuum, and moist microfiber to the interior), and apply an extra coat or two of Z2Pro along the way, maybe once per month. Then in the winter, if we have a rare fairly warm day, I'll do a quick hand wash. My neighbors think I'm nuts anyway, so, what the heck. I usually hold off applying Zaino and doing a "complete" detail until the temp. is around 60F, usually in the Spring. I have to reluctantly admit, though, that I've been known to hit the so-called "touchless" car wash, or use the hand "wand" at the local car wash, one or twice each winter to get the heavy salt off, then I'll let it air dry.

By the way, I've heard that the Meguiar's NXT is a good product line, and provides a decent shine (assuming proper surface preparation); however, I've also heard that it lacks durability compared to some of the other products, including Zaino. Just my .02

Good luck keeping the X looking clean and shiny in the winter in this part of the country.

(I have no affiliation with any of the products mentioned herein, other than as a satisfied customer.)

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