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Try looking into the Fidelity Warranty. It is very highly rated and their platinum level of coverage really is excellent and to my knowledge does cover air suspension. I've only heard good things to be honest. There is a pretty good amount of info on the board on it; I even posted the contract in its entirety.

Yeah the ground effect trim is just okay for me. If I was in my teens, then no question I'd want it, but now it looks a little boy-racer-ish if you know what I mean. In black it's not as bad, less so in silver, but in blue or red it's terrible and as you said appears bottom heavy.

Regarding the seats, I would never have imagined that a modification on a BMW was expensive!

Originally Posted by Jazwhite View Post
If I could find a quality warranty I would grab it. I saw the stories on this site of owners whose air shocks were not covered under their warranty because these were defined as "normal wear and tear" items. I am dreading the eventual automatic transmission replacement. If you have any leads on a quality aftermarket warranty, please let me know.

The seat backs do require a weekly touchup to look their best. I looked into changing them to black, but the parts are expensive

I thought I was the only one who wasn't that jazzed about the 4.8is ground effect trim. I completely agree with you. To me, it makes the vehicle appear heavier and slower and takes away from the cleanness of the design. I've considered trying to do a conversion to the front and back to remove the 4.8is lower trim, but figured that would kill the resale.
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