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Originally Posted by gogz2005 View Post
Hi all I have 2002 X5 with DSP . IS there is any way I can burn the 2011 maps my self ? I went to the dealership and wanted to charge me $ 214 for the 8 cds set which is way high to me.
I think I have the MKIII unit.
Any help please?
Looks like your dealer wants to charge you list price + tax. The official BMW map store charges the $199 list price, plus shipping, and usually no sales tax. The part number you need should be 65-90-2-199-844 - it may pay to call around to various dealers to see if you can get a better deal, particularly if you're a BMWCCA member (some dealers offer discounts up to 25% - look at some of the ads in the back of Roundel).

The new TeleAtlas maps don't seem to be offered as single discs the way you used to be able to buy the NAVTEQ ones. Maybe you can find some other people in other parts of the country to split the cost with?

Note that NAVTEQ used to bully eBay into removing listings for broken-up map CD sets - I have no idea if TeleAtlas does the same.

On the MK IV (DVD) units, the system is very, very picky about burned copies - a copy will work for an indefinite period of time, and then complain about not being able to read the disc. It also doesn't like double-layer discs (despite one of the software updates to "improve double-layer performance"), which is why the TeleAtlas DVD maps come on 2 discs. I don't know if the MK III is similarly picky or not.
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