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Originally Posted by Terry Kennedy View Post
So, I'm wondering if anyone here bought the 2011 maps and can comment on their quality compared to 2009 and 2010?
I purchased the 2011 maps fom TeleAtlas, since they have a 30-day return policy. It turns out that the map data on the "2011" discs is from May, 2010. TeleAtlas customer support was very nice and gave me an RMA to return them for a full refund. They also said that the 2012 maps will be built from maps with a date closer to the release date. Apparently part of the problem is that once the maps are mastered onto DVDs, there are a number of back-and-forth passes with BMW for approval and possible corrections. So there will always be some delay. Also, BMW sets the price for the maps, not the map supplier.

Here are the disc versions and data dates for the 2011 and 2010 maps:

2011 disc 1 - built 2010-05-19, map data 2010-05-11, IPD data 2010-05-10
2011 disc 2 - built 2010-05-25, map data 2010-05-07, IPD data 2010-05-25
2010 disc 1 - built 2010-01-04, map data 2009-11-05, IPD data 2009-12-28
2010 disc 2 - built 2010-01-04, map data 2009-11-09, IPD data 2009-12-28
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