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I'm not sure about that one. It's always so hard to know with these Ferraris because they vary so widely. I've seen numbers for the F430 vary by 2 seconds from 0-100 and by 5 mph in the 1/4, which backs up what Chris Harris has said about them providing ringers.

I have no doubt t the X6M could beat the 430 in the 1/4. Based on the time and trap speed that appears to be a stock X6M, and the 430 posts a slow time but has a good trap speed meaning he is trying. BUT...if you look at the 1/4 mile trap speeds, the 430 is going about 7 mph faster at the end of the quarter, and 9 mph faster at the end of the mile, yet the X6M has a bigger lead after 1 mile (roughly 1.2 seconds vs 0.5). Based on the speed difference, the 430 should be gaining 11 ft a second for the last 3/4 of a mile, which would be about 200 ft, but if anything the lead widens during that time if you watch the video closely. Could it be real? Possible. But there are some questions. Good video anyway.
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