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1. The BMW hitch and BMW wiring harness is fine.

2. Agree with JCL that BMW dealers know jack squat about trailers and braking.

3. Disagree that the BMW 'brake controller' is worth buying and installing... as far as I know, the car is NOT prewired for this and you'll spend a bunch of money hacking this into place. (I'd wire it under the dash, not a cup holder- and Tekonsha makes a clip in mount that you can use instead of that cup holder/garbage trap they include...)

4. The Tekonsha RF is a sweet unit- the control of the brakes is all done via wired connections at the rear of the car, it is just the user interface that is controlled via the RF (think about it, you don't ever 'adjust' anything while you are braking)

5. The BMW Controller is actually a Tekonsha (Prodigy?)...

No first had experience with eh X5, but tow lots of stuff (14k pound gooseneck, bumper pull stuff, cement wagons, cars, etc) with a tekonsha prodigy.
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