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Originally Posted by blue dragon View Post
X5 does just fine towing! My boat trailer uses surge brakes, the actuator is made by tie down engineering, which controls disc brakes on all 4 wheels. No problems stopping with it
Hmmmm, after reading all your posts I am honestly thinking that surge brakes may be the way to go for my application. I am only going to be towing an 18ft Sea Ray, around 3000lbs loaded with the trailer, the reviews I've read on surge brakes seem to be really favorable overall. Do surge brakes have any glaring limitations compared to electronic trailer brakes that I've missed? Are they less reliable under sustained braking conditions like coming down a mountain pass or an extended decent? I am a gadget guy and an electronics buff, but it seems like a BMW hitch with surge brakes on the trailer would be a simple, and most importantly to me, safe set up for my situation. Thoughts?
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