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I know of RUeben.

Im not saying your right or wrong Dan.

But my thoughts are, if it happens after 10, which is not a high number, why can i not find a single instance of it having happened ?

On an X5 that is, not saying it doesnt happen on other cars, in fact, im not saying it doesnt happen on x5's either, just saying I havent seen it mentioned anywhere, soooo ...

Also , just so you know my background, I have owned 8 BMW's and over 30 cars in the last decade, I modified alot of them, some very significantly.

The only issue I had with an ECU was an M3 which i supercharged and the idiot tuner bricked it. I then had it replaced, free of charge. This was a 96 car though and was done in 2003, so you can technology's on both fronts have changed considerably.

I agree that the best tuning need mor ethan a standard suit everyone reflash. I had an aftermarket piggy back computer added to my M3 becoz the reflash that was done by the idiots was no where near meeting the requirements. too many variables they had not taken into account.

Where I disagree, is that on a FIed diesel car that is well below its potential, the likelihood of major damage coming to the engine within its normal operating lifetime from a 20 - 30% increase is very low. Provided the tune has been tried an tested.

Which in the case of Jason and also the superchips, it has. And for the cost, its a no brainer.
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