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Originally Posted by nynd View Post
Having imported my X5 from the US I can tell you that something was reported inaccurate with this vehicle. When it left the US, it had a recorded 10,200 MILES... US always reports in MILES. When the car was imported to Canada (as its must have crossed the border and title stamped as EXPORT by US Customs (as thats 1 documented need for registering a vehicle here) when registering, they ask current mileage. Seems it should be 10,327... probably 127 miles driving it home to Ontario.. this would be converted to 10,327 X 1.6 = 16,524.... so looks like they LEFT OFF THE 1.. intentionally???

Anyways, BMW canada will not warranty the car until it is completely checked by them so not sure what this person is doing.

Hope this shed some light on possibilities...

I do not think you read the thread. There is NO CAR???!!!

The miles might be off, the price is off and the car is non existant.
The car is NOT in Canada(or the real one might be??)
The seller claimed it is in Omaha, Nebraska.

I offered to fly there and inspect and he claimed Paypal will do the transaction.
It is a scam and I knew it from the start. I just decided to have some fun with this scammer.
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