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Transmission issues summary

Let's sort the problems with transmission since quite a few of you experienced problems and got it fixed. I know it will be hard to pin point to the problem based on symptoms since most of the fixes included the entire rebuilt, but let try the best we can.

Fixing the transmission is not easy job and it's very costly. If we can fix only what is broken at one point we might save some money.
For example fixing the valve body is much easier and it doesn't require to take the tranny out of the car. The torque converter fix/replace does not require opening up the tranny... and so on.
I will create a table after I get info.

__________Torque converter____||___ Valve body___||____ Clutches___||____ Low oil level____||

Symptoms__________________________________________ _____________________

So, if you would like to help please reply with your transmission problems and what you did to fix it. Also, please include what ATF you're using.

For example, I have sometimes a hard downshift from 2nd to 1st and a slip sometimes from 3nd to 4th. I would like to know if doing the valve body will fix my problem or not.

I am updating as I receive your input. Please comment if I didn't get it right:

EGS Firmware update
Symptoms: 1. Hard downshift from 2-1 mostly related with changing/flushing the tranny oil.
Repair: EGS module update, check for available firmware updates/patches
Suggestion: use GT1 or go to a shop, cost is around $200

Torque converter
Symptoms: 1. whining/grinding noise that I located to the area of the Torque Converter. No Fail Safe message and no slippage.
2. vibration at certain speeds
Repair: Reman TC
Suggestion: replace TC before the bearings brake apart and causes damage to the transmission

Transmission (inside):
Symptoms: 1. downshifts started to get very rough and also 1-2-3 shifts seemed rough
2. it began as slipping and jerking under certain stop & go traffic situations. Sometimes would end up in 5th gear and in trans failsafe. Car had about 95K miles on it at the time. It seemed to worsen over a few months, so taking the initial easy approach

Findings: broken O-ring in one of the clutch actuators. Some of the O-rings seemed brittle but the friction disks all seemed perfect and no problem with any bearings either.
Repair: ZF repair kit $900 which includes one needle bearing in the A/B clutch and the main output bearing as well as the friction disks
Suggestion: ZF repair kit $900

Symptoms: Failure to engage reverse gear was a common problem with early 5HP24s
Findings: the F-clutch piston seal, which was bonded/welded in one piece to the back of the pressed metal piston, would wear badly and eventually leak.
Suggestion: ZF repair kit $900

Low oil level:
Symptoms: 1. downshift from 2-1 very rough sometimes, rough shifting up when pushing hard on it. Driving normal at light/normal load.
2. It goes to fail safe mode once when cold, then weeks later it didn't want to lock up and the engine just reved when I pushed the accelerator.
Findings: Oil level low
Repair: add oil when the temperature is right (30-40 C).
Suggestion: stop and add oil before is not too late.
Comment: The oil level is very critical and it is based on oil temperature. When you add oil make sure you fill it up fast enough before the temperature does not go over its limit. In summer time when the oil temperature is close or at the required level the top up procedure has to be done very quick.

Transfer Case/ Drive Shaft :
Symptoms: engine revs and no move and a metal noise associated. Car rolls in Park.
Findings: 1. The drive shaft splines or/and the transfer case output coupler splines are shaved.
2. Axle out from the differential (replace the lock ring)
Repair: Replace the drive shaft and the TC coupler. Cheaper solution: patching by buying a longer shaft or an adapter to push the drive shaft in the transfer case more where the splines are in good shape.
Suggestion: move the AC drain hose lower so the condensation does not fall on the shaft/TC connection to avoid rust.
Axle out:

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