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Originally Posted by OlyS4 View Post
I thought that the sport package included in part "sport" suspension, with different components or a set up that provided tighter handling? If the suspension components are the same, what does the sport package get you?
On many BMW models the sport package DOES change the springs/shocks...but NOT on the E70 X5.

Originally Posted by BGM View Post
On pre-2010 models the Sport Package had the Adaptive drive in it--which is the stiffer set-up you are talking about. For the 2010+ models you had to order Adaptive Drive as a stand alone option as the Sport Package did not include that.
I am not sure that Adaptive Drive is "stiffer" surely handles better, but in terms of spring rates and damping it may not be much different.

But you are correct that it was part of the Sport package (when the Sport package cost ~$5700 (!!) )...

Now the sport package is a 'visual' upgrade only..wheels, interior, steering wheel, window trim...if I recall.

I think BMW still sells them because people think 'it must do something for handling, why else would BMW call it a Sport Package?'

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