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Lately, I have been reading about the ZF transmission. The more I read the more confusion although I feel more confident that if I have to do it I will try to do it myself. That's thanks to Phil posts on a few forums and Louis here on this one.
Phil seems to be an expert and very generous sharing knowledge.
Now, here is my tranny problem. One day coming from work one of the hoses from the heat exchanger came out and all the ATF was dumped on the road. I should have stopped the second I noticed but I didn't know what happened and I tried to make it on top of an overpass so I don't create traffic jam. I replaced both hoses and put new filter and amsoil ATF. I didn't have any problem before and the transmission was never serviced (215000km). Now I got a hard downshift from 2nd to 1st sometimes and sometimes a hard shift from 3rd to 4th but most the time works very well. Where would the problem be, on the body valve or the clutches? I just had the engine out in the spring and I am not looking forward to take the tranny out. It looks like some people fixed the hard downshift by reman the body valve.
Any tip is appreciated.
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