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Originally Posted by E61Silver View Post
Well I purchased the car, here are the details:

1) Cpo cost is really $2,000+/-
2) Dealer can negotiate the residual price.
3) Got the car for the residual price but with cpo included at no additional cost.
4) With cpo got 0.9% financing for 4 years.

One additional question the dealer wants to sell extended maintenance for another $2,200, is that reasonable and a good idea?
There you go!

What are the current brake pad and rotors? And the history of brake maintenance?

$2200 is WAY too much for 3 oil changes, a brake and coolant flush. IMO, even if you get front brakes done it is still way to much.

Do you have an Indy you will use, or are you a "BMW only" guy? If you only use a bmw dealer, you are typically getting so screwed on prices that 2200 seems OK. I think you might be able to shop for the maintenance plans too 9ie do not need to buy it from a local dealer)


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