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So, after searching the threads both here and on Bimmerfest, I have found one decent thread on the installation of a DICE unit on an 09 X3. Boinzo did a great job of how to install the DICE on his X3. Although he clearly outlined how to dissasemble the dash, his install seemed much different from mine.

Dice Silverline (R40 radio harness) install in X3 - A Step by Step - Bimmerfest - BMW Forums

There were several vague posts about having to take the radio out for an 09 but after reading the install manual and asking a representative about where to install the DICE module, both referred me to the center console... about 10mins.
Correct, less than 10 min to take out the tray and locate the 6 pin connector. There was no 3 pin connector though. I tried fishing around and all I found was a 6 pin connector clearly marked "CD".

So after reading some more post, I looked in the trunk. What do I find? Both a 6 pin and a 3 pin connector (along with a few others, but the 3 and 6 pin are easily identified).

Amazing, should be as simple as hooking it up right? That's what I thought. After disconnecting the batt, hookup and power up... nothing happens. In fact the nav screen stays shut, does not work or respond to the dash/radio console and the power locks stop working. The Ipod does not even charge. Wierd... I wonder what could be going on?
Maybe, I'll take a look at the radio like Boinzo points out and see what's going. After taking the radio out, this is what I find.

The CD plug is just sitting there and not plugged into the radio. Clearly, when I plugged in the DICE module the first time, it was not doing anything b/c it wasn't even plugged into the radio. Maybe this could explain why nothing was happening. There is clearly a slot for the plug, so I plug it in.

I go back to the trunk, remove the neg cable, hook it all up then power on. It should work now right?... :thumbdwn: Instead, the the nav screen comes up and is completely blank. It doesn't go down this time, but it still doesn't work. The Ipod still does not even charge. Nothing.
I'm at a loss here, b/c after trying all, that it still doesn't work. No help from the install manual b/c it doesn't seem to pertain to my X3. The whole center console thing doesn't seem to match up.
The best part about all of this is that I purchased this kit over a year ago prior to my deployment to Afghanistan. So it seems as though I'm now out the $200 this thing cost me. I think the only thing I can be grateful for is that I didn't take this to a dealership that would've had no problem charging me an insane amount of money to pretty much find out the same thing.
At this point, I'm looking for some help. Am I doing something wrong? Is my X3 not compatible with the DICE module that I purchased? Do I have to purchase another unit? I will put the details down again and maybe someone could assist me with this. In the future, maybe someone in my shoes will be able to look at this.
I own a;
2009 X3 Sport
NO sirius/satellite
NO 6 disc changer
DICE Module;
Silverlin Pro I-BMW-T/5V
DSP Adapter (may not be needed)
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