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Just got an 07 X5. Few questions...

I just got a 2007 x5 3.0. Grey on tan. So far we are pretty happy with it. However, there are a few issues.

Seems to be a transmission fluid leak. It will leave a pretty good sized puddle on the driveway, but only sometimes. Most times it's parked, there are no leaks at all. I've read that it is common for the sleeve and pan gasket to leak.
Not sure why it will only leak sometimes though.

The second row center seat belt is locked half way out. It won't extend or retract. I tried clipping it into the buckle and now it won't even release!

Is there a washer fluid reservoir for the rear window? I can't get any fluid to come out the back though I can hear the pump.
Another strange thing that may be related, there is a green fluid that sometimes pools on the bottom oftge tailgate. It looks like engine coolant. Can't be though.... right?
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