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Originally Posted by LeMansX5 View Post
Finally had some time to capture frames of mp4 1080p video in slow motion..Some observations:
Power dome on hood
No side ///M gills
Sports shifter
Rear view mirrors are black
Style 300M wheels?
New LED halo headlights and taillights which are clearly visible
Facelift elements- bumper, etc. on horizontal slat in bumper scoops.
LeMansX5, Your dead on with your observations for the most part. I now have pic's and saw the car being tested by engineers.The pic's are w/ Brenda Priddy...hopefully they will appear soon. I can confirm the power dome hood. I first thought it might be toned down from the X6 Hybrid but after seeing it again it could be right from the X6 Hybrid parts bin. The front fascia is identical to the 50i X6 Facelift front air intakes that have appeared in recent months.The big opening w/ what appears to be slats inside.There are turbo air coolers visible in each front air intake.There is no external "M" branding visible...... No fender M gills and no quad exhaust. I think this car is "Tuned" by "M" but not intended to be a full on "M" product.The rear side mirrors are black.The exhaust note is OUTRAGEOUS. Like the 50i X6....deep and NASCAR V8 loud. But even louder to my ears.The note could change w/ mapping and development tweaks prior to launch.You would never imagine it was an oil burner. The best high performance diesel exhaust note I ever heard.....truck or sedan. I'm going to try and capture some vids.....gotta hear that exhaust note. Looking to be a monster machine. Thanks. PalBay
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