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Sorry to hear your troubles on the first day, I'm only 48hrs into picking my one up yesterday and as others have said the Idrive is complex till you get used to it and dont need to look at the buttons / control.

The damage is quite light, though its all the way round the rim, just be thankfull nothing more serious happened. Personally I would prob bite the bullet and buy a new wheel and put the tyre back on (could not see any damage on pic), & check tracking / alignment.

I've heard that repairs on these wheels can only be done the once??? though not sure if this is only for diamond cut wheels.

TBH I've been driving slower than normal since picking the X5 up yesterday, just to give me more time to react to stuff as my conentration is pulled in different directions with the new functions I need to get used too.

All the best, & dont blame the wife too much
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