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Originally Posted by Gadgets4U View Post
Hi, There should be a 3-pin connector located with the 6-pin one under the centre console.
Trust me... I fished for almost 20 min and found nothing. I looked at both sets of cable routhing through the bottom of the console and found nothing that could be easily removed like the 6pin. The 6 pin was very simple to find as it was the only loose cable/connector down there.

My X3 is an 09, so I'm not sure if that could be the issue Very frustrating either way.

Dice Electronics really sucks too. I sent emails to their support section on 2 different occasions... it has been over 6 weeks, and I haven't heard a damn thing from them.

Clearly, I will never purchase from them again. I just hope that others on this forum will be aware of that in case they run into issues.
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