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Originally Posted by gnathologist View Post
I find your response very offensive and immature. If you have nothing positive to contribute, I suggest you stay out of this thread. Just because this is my first thread, it doesn't mean I haven't been around.

Single failure? Definitive solutions? Look at the history of all the common major and repeating problems from BMW.

SMG issues
Subframe issues
Vanos Issues
Rod bearing issues

Some of the above problems are major problems that BMW and trusting customers are still dealing with. Why do you think so many people are dumping the M5's before the warranty runs out?

Everybody is a victim these days? Please. I suggest you deal with your problems in your own room and wipe off your tears before posting in a public forum.

I also suggest you change your attitude and maybe then, your life can be a bit more fulfilling.

I don't appreciate spending over $65,000 on a brand new vehicle to protect my family and find out it could potentially place my wife and children in a dangerous situation. If you don't have a family, I don't expect you to understand where I'm coming from. Again, keep your mouth shut so that this thread can be helpful to other members.

To other members, I thank you all for your contributions. I have taken my X5 to the dealership today and I'm waiting to hear about potential diagnoses and fixes. I have provided them with all the pictures of the malfunction lights and videos of all the problems.

As soon as I hear anything from the dealership, I will update the status.
Please do update us with the status...this is my first BMW,,,,I too have a X5, but unlike yours,, mine is a 50i, don't know if issues with yours are related in anyway with mine, (different powertrain). Hopefully it is not too serious and just a glitch,,,,as far as the other issues you mentioned so far, I have not had any issues yet,,,,at 16,000+ miles.
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