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Originally Posted by jeremym View Post
How about a vehicle made for towing so you don't put added stress on the X? Just my opinion, I haven't done any research on the specific topic at hand. However, I do have some experience with full size SUV's, pickups and mid-size SUV's with towing. The FS SUV's and pickups always outperform the midsize ones. Perhaps you can pickup a dedicated used pickup for towing for cheap?

I have never towed with my 4.8 but I'd feel much more comfortable with a full size truck rather than my X...

Good luck!
Completely agree. In the past I've towed with Chevy Suburbans and 3/4 ton turbodiesel trucks. But I don't want a pickup as a second vehicle anymore and would really rather not have a Suburban-sized SUV either. And for the distances I tow I don't want to get a high mile cheap truck. I'll tow 1,000 miles from here to VIR, and 1,000 miles back, in the same weekend, often straight through coming back. So I like being comfortable and knowing it's unlikely I'll have vehicle problems enroute.

So yes, an X5 is a compromise. But it's such a nice SUV to drive when not towing. I'd considered keeping the E53 as my daily driver and getting rid of my 528 instead but then I remind myself that it doesn't make sense to have to fuel hungry SUVs. Unfortunately all roads keep leading back to a full size American SUV like a Yukon Denali with the 6.0L engine.
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