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Originally Posted by marshotel View Post
I just got one of these as well and it looks great. I do notice a bit more glare with the screen protector but it isn't too bad.
OK that's an important one.. My screen is pretty glare-free as is.
Not in ALL conditions, but most of them (more so than the Lexus was).

I have a fairly nasty scratch on my screen now but unless the light is shining directly on it, I can't see it. And even then I can't see it unless the display is on - the scratch is only really noticeable in direct light, with the display off.

I know a lot of folks have dissed the NAV but personally.. I LOVE my Professional NAV. Best I've ever had.

The routing can be weird, yes. But NAV routing is ALWAYS weird.
If it's .001 miles shorter, it may pick a weird route, etc.

The display is beautiful, it's large (and the right aspect ratio) and readable in all conditions. Even with a big nasty scratch that I can't see.
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