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Android phones and ULF?

I have an older ULF (6th generation, if I remember correctly) which I installed when the original Motorola RAZR came out (I started with the v710, but left Verizon over the v710 Bluetooth fiasco).

It is time for me to move into the new century and get a new phone. I'm looking at a number of different Android models.

Does anyone have any experience with Androids and the ULF? If so, I'm particularly interested in hearing if the older ULFs will work or if I need to upgrade to the latest 84-10-9-154-358.

This is in a 2003 E46 wagon, which has the most inconvenient place possible for the ULF - it is actually up inside the left rear wheel well. The whole navigation / CD frame has to come out, along with the acoustic padding, to get to the spot where the ULF mounts. I'd rather not have to do that again if I can avoid it, and I DEFINITELY don't want to do it only to have thing still not work with the latest ULF.
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